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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email our Event Coordinator, Lindsey Douglass (

with any questions that we do not address below.

1) Can alcohol be served at my event?


Yes. Simply obtain an ABC license for the day of your event. Be sure to let our event coordinator know you plan to serve alcohol at your event and provide a copy of your ABC license. 


2) What decorations are permitted?


We want your event to reflect your personal style. We encourage you to decorate how you please. We have a few restrictions (no open flames, no tape on walls, etc) that can be found in our Facility Information packet. 

3) Do we have access to the kitchen?


Yes! We have a large, beautiful kitchen that is included in the full and extended day packages. For smaller events the kitchen is available for $25 per hour.


4) How many guests comfortably fit in the banquet hall?

 We can comfortably seat 300 guests in our banquet hall. 


5) Is there an added fee to use tables and chairs?


No! We have 5 ft round tables and over 300 chairs that are available to you.

We also have rectangular tables. 

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